Have you recently remodeled or built a new home? Afterward, buying all new furniture only to find that your rooms still feel like something is missing? Meanwhile, you built a new home because you want to improve your quality of life. Why don’t you choose a luxury interior designer to help you upgrade your living experience at home?

Consequently, you haven’t started purchasing furniture because you aren’t sure what to add to make it feel more comfortable, elegant, and personal. And you don’t want to make a mistake. You’re ready to live in a home that beautifully and easily meets every need from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep.

You want to feel pampered, and let’s face it, you want to feel like the king or queen of your own domain with all the creature comforts that lifestyle offers. This is luxury interior design.

luxury interior design master bedroom from diva by design in san benito texas
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Well executed luxury interior design flows effortlessly from one room to the next with refined and unifying elements that carry throughout your entire home. These elements vary from room to room and fit the specific function and purpose of that space.

Crafting a luxury home means adding stylish comfort. You want to mix high quality materials with ease of use in every aspect of your daily life. Of course, you can choose materials that are on-trend that also feel inviting and soothing to the senses. The little things count.

Luxury interior designers think about the practical elements of how you live in your home. We design rooms around the natural flow of your daily life. Your high-end design should feel curated specifically for you. Every element will feel like it always belonged in your space and fits you to a ‘T’.

Luxury Interior Design is Custom

luxury interior design custom leather sofa  and pillows from diva by design in harlingen texas
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First, you can choose retail furniture and accessories. To truly create a home that fits you perfectly, custom is the way to go. Luxury interior designers offer furniture options built from scratch. We help you choose every aspect of each piece from the fabrics and materials, to the style and size.

The image above shows a custom leather sofa designed by Diva by Design for our client. They had searched for sofas in retail stores, but nothing they found truly fit what they wanted. They asked for a high-quality sofa that would last for years to come. One that would be comfortable for sitting and watching TV or taking a mid-afternoon nap.

They also asked specifically for leather that feels like a Louis Vuitton bag. They even brought out the bag for reference when we showed them the leather samples we have on hand. And, yes, the leather is beautiful and feels “like butter.” We added a mix of retail kilim throw pillows and a few made with fabrics that were chosen just for this home. Our client is so happy with the result that they haven’t changed a thing!

calm and restful luxury interior design custom area rug ceiling mural sofa throw pillows from diva by design in mcallen texas
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Luxury Interior Design is Thoughtful

Second, in luxury interior design, each item in your home has a purpose and is is thoughtfully chosen . Clutter is a no-no in high-end interiors and more is not always better. This is what makes your home feel like an extension of you, and that every element has a purpose.

In the formal living room above, we chose the semi-custom apartment-sized sofa and the end tables to perfectly fit the wall behind them. Our client loves to read and when sitting here, he can look out the window and see the light dancing on the water of his swimming pool. He also asked for a neutral color palette that calms the senses. Again, we added custom made throw pillows as accents.

Not only the sofa and pillows are custom. Another luxury touch is the mural on the ceiling designed by Diva by Design. It is based on an abstract design by Art Deco period artist, Edouard Benedictus from a book of his work, Relais, published posthumously in 1930. Our client loved the idea of taking this unique ceiling and turning it into a work of art.

The marble and silver leaf coffee table, the leather club chairs, and the custom area rug finish off this serene space. There is one more touch of luxury in this space which you will see in a bit.

luxury interior design custom bedding window treatments upholstery from diva by design in rancho viejo texas
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Luxury Interior Design is Durable

Third, the materials or fabrics chosen for your luxury design plan should not only feel amazing, have rich textures or colors, but also be durable. Interior design trends come and go. Don’t let trends or the “color of the year” dictate your choices.  Trends are fun and they are how furniture and paint manufacturers sell more products.

In fact, you can choose trendy items if they add to the overall character of your home. For the master bedroom above, our client wanted, in her words, what she already had but updated. She loves her vintage furniture and since it is in excellent condition we proposed a custom fabric color palette.  The color palette is based on a painting she recently purchased from a local artist.

We chose natural fibers like cotton and linen for the bedding which feel soft to the touch. For the chairs, we went with a Crypton fabric that also feels good to the hand and resists stains and fading. The custom pillows are in a cotton blend fabric.

As a result, everything in this room is one-of-a-kind yet feels approachable at the same time.

custom art deco style wrought iron gate from diva by design in mcallen texas
Custom wrought iron gates by Diva by Design

Luxury Interior Design Looks Effortless

Fourth, a well-executed luxury interior design plan flows effortlessly from one room to the next. Unifying elements carry through the entire home and are varied slightly to suit each room’s specific function and purpose.

For example, here is the custom touch of luxury in our client’s formal living space that I mentioned before. Specifically, he requested a door that he could close when having guests over to separate the private areas from the public spaces. We designed this wrought iron gate as a companion piece to the mural on the ceiling.

wrought iron gate inspiration painting by french art deco artist edouard benedictus
Artist Edouard Benedictus in Relais c. 1930

Here is the original design that inspired the ceiling mural. As you can see, the ceiling has the blues found in the circular pattern of the main painting. The soffits that the builder created on the ceiling almost perfectly mimic those in the painting as well. We chose to base the gate pattern on the copper companion piece. We consulted with a custom fence maker to build and install the gates.

Art Deco style is the unifying element in this home and carries throughout. Plus, another unifying element is the color palette. We used the soft blues, greens, and grays that our client requested in every room of his home. As a result his home is a calm, restful oasis from his stressful business in the medical field.

custom luxury interior design fabric and paint color palette for a home in mcallen texas from diva by design
Custom luxury interior design paint and fabric palette

If you follow our suggestions, your home will have the high-end luxury interior design look and feel that you crave. Ask your interior designer about the custom options they offer that will set your home apart from the rest. Consulting with your designer from the beginning to the end of your project, will ensure that every detail is included.

In conclusion, the elegance of even the most beautifully appointed home is lost when it isn’t usable. Your designer will notice things that you may have missed and have ideas that will elevate even the simplest of objects. There are many considerations in luxury interior design. When trying to do it all yourself, it can feel like a juggling act between the different elements of style and comfort.

Many people want a beautifully furnished home, but don’t have time to figure out every small detail. Christina Rodriguez of Diva by Design guides you through the process of creating a personalized and pulled together space. Then you can relax stress-free in your fully finished home or office. Let us take care of the details so you don’t have to!

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