Design Your Success

Did you know that your success is tied to the appearance of your home and office? Feng Shui uses energy forces to harmonize individuals with their environment. Your surroundings, the objects, and even the colors you choose can directly affect how much wealth energy you attract.

Our workshop series is based on my new book (coming soon), A Diva’s Home: Guide to Creating Positivity through Interior Design and Feng Shui, where I show you how to apply Feng Shui principles to your home and office that will bring in prosperity to your life and business.


Feng Shui Workshops

The cost for individual workshops is $15 each. You may purchase all nine workshops for $99.00 (a savings of $36). Click on the “Purchase Video” button under each workshop description to purchase individually. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “I Want All 9 Workshops!” button to purchase the series.

opening the door to success

design your success diva by design opening door to success feng shui harlingen interior designer interior decorator

Your front door is the most important architectural design feature of your home and where wealth energy enters. In this workshop, we fix the main issues that block prosperity from entering your home. Now positive energy will easily flow into your home.

welcoming opportunity

design your success diva by design welcoming opportunity feng shui workshop

Achieving your dreams & ambitions can feel like an uphill battle. Attract the luck you want for your career by creating a welcoming atmosphere in your living room. The water energy of wealth will sit and stay while you work to attain what you want from your career path.


design your success diva by design harlingen receiving support for your goals feng shui workshop

Many people would like to receive help & support from others for their business. In this workshop we look at your artwork to see what energy you have invited into your home or office. Learn how the art you choose can invite connections with others who love and support you.


design your success diva by design growing your reputation feng shui workshop

What do you want to be known for? How do you want to be remembered? Feng shui your office to provide a base for the positive energy you put out into the world. Once you make some changes, your office will reflect who you are and how you serve others.


You want a bigger flow of abundance into your life. Not only money, but whatever abundance means to you. This workshop is about how to turn your kitchen into a room that attracts wealth and ensures financial stability.


design your success diva by design harlingen creating new ideas feng shui workshop

You use your ideas & creativity to make money. Activating the Children & Projects Area in your den or study will help inspire you and bring your ideas to fruition. Learn how feng shui can help your ideas grow from a tiny seed to a new business, interest, or passion.

balancing your work & family

design your success diva by design harlingen balancing work family feng shui workshop

You want your needs met and to have a solid foundation from which to go out and thrive. The dining table mirrors your long-term financial investments and how you nourish them. See what you need to place in your dining room to make your family relationships and your money grow and flourish.

strengthening your relationships

design your success diva by design harlingen strengthening relationships feng shui workshop

Your romantic interests are affected by your master bedroom. This workshop shows you which feng shui symbols and enhancements will help you to attract new love relationships and/or support existing ones. Let’s bring in the love!

the wealth cure

design your success diva by design harlingen the wealth cure femg shui workshop

Create a special Feng Shui Wealth Cure to place in the Wealth Area in your office or living room.  You will also learn how money flows to you and through your life, and what money means to you and others. Why rely on the government when you can stimulate your own economy?



What They Say

5 Stars for Diva by Design. I had the pleasure of meeting Christina with our FemCity group and I attended her Feng Shui classes which were very informative and useful in my personal and business life.

Marina G., Brownsville, Texas

Great lady great thoughtful designer! Very knowledgeable in her field.

Carrie F., Harlingen, Texas

Christina is a rock star at interior design and Feng Shui! I can’t wait to have her reorganize and redecorate my home!

Sheri R., Port Isabel, Texas

Christina came by my office one day and helped me tidy up my walls and organize some structure to a VERY unstructured office. I appreciated her wisdom and help in giving me a much nicer environment to work in! Thanks Christina… you are awesome

Sarah Hammond; Mission, Texas

I want all nine workshops!

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