Are you a business owner looking for ways to grow your business? Are you finding it difficult since in person networking events have been canceled? Is business slow and you’re worried that it might not pick up soon? Did you know that virtual networking groups can help you grow your business?

Growing a business is time consuming and difficult in the best of times. When you work from home it’s easy to feel cut off from others. Your sense of connection is gone. Human beings need to connect with others to help keep our momentum going.

I know how isolating it feels because I work from home and I have for the past ten years. When I first started my interior design business, I found a few clients online. It was very slow going.  I didn’t take business or marketing classes in college and I wondered how to find more clients. I also couldn’t find any local people in the interior design industry who would talk to me. Traditionally, interior design was a closed group of people who would not share their knowledge from a fear of competition. Luckily, that is changing.

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Through social media, I met an interior designer who was trying to change that. She not only wanted to help other interior designers grow their business, but to foster a sense of community over competition. I joined her virtual networking group for interior designers and decorators around six years ago. Since then, I have met many interior designers who feel the same way. I am now a member of many virtual networking groups for interior designers, decorators, and home stagers. Plus, other groups for small business owners.

Three Tips on Joining Virtual Networking Groups

First, Search for interest groups in your industry. There are so many out there and it’s good to try them out to see if they fit your personal business philosophy. You can find these groups on any social media networking platform. Choose the platform you use the most to start. You will learn many ways to grow your business that other members have tried and tested.

Second, Join in the conversation. It doesn’t do you much good to lurk. You may learn a few things, but you will learn so much more by asking questions. Plus, by sharing your knowledge you are helping others grow. Your confidence in yourself as a business owner and expert in your field will grow the more you share with others.

Third, connect with individuals in the group and form friendships. I have met many of my virtual colleagues in person at large industry events and we continue to ask each other for help and advice outside of the main group. Virtual networking is great way to expand your connections beyond your immediate area. Opportunities to partner with others that you never thought possible before are out there. Take the first step to move out of your comfort zone.

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Two Virtual Networking Groups I Highly Recommend

First is FemCity – this group is for female entrepreneurs and executives. I am the leader of my local group in Harlingen, Texas and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business and personal life. I have made many friends through FemCity both local and around the world.  FemCity founder, Violette de Ayala, has created a network of women around the world that  believe in supporting each other in business and in life both enthusiastically and positively. In fact, that is basically our FemCity mantra!  

Christina Rodriguez FemCity Harlingen leader and Violette de Ayala FemCity founder

Violette is sincere, supportive, encouraging, and truly wants the best for each of our members. Before the lock-downs our local groups met in person once a month. For now, we are meeting virtually and it’s been a nice way to continue to connect with each other.

I do not get paid to lead my local Harlingen Collective or to say nice things about FemCity. However, if you do decide to become a member, I have an affiliate link here: You can sign up for a free 30-day trial membership and gain access to all the knowledge our members have shared for that time period. Once you decide to become a paid member, you can sign up for your own affiliate link.

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Second, if you are an interior designer or decorator and have a website, think about joining the group “DesignWealth” on Facebook with Leslie Carothers. She is a former luxury interior designer who has transitioned to two online businesses that help interior designers learn how to market their services. I have been a member of this group for a while now and I learn something new every day.

Leslie is also sincere, encouraging, and generous with her expertise. Whether you only join her Facebook group, or you hire her to help you market your interior design business you will not be disappointed!

I have also met Leslie in person and was able to attend two of her seminars on how to grow your business online at Dallas Market this past January. She teaches interior designers how to leverage their knowledge with digital products for passive income and more.

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More Facebook Groups I Recommend

Here are a few virtual networking groups I have joined on Facebook:

Most of these are interior design industry groups, but not all. Don’t wait until it’s too late and your business has turned into a hobby that doesn’t make money. Take action now so you can grow your knowledge, your network, and your revenue. Your confidence will grow along with your business and your expertise. Joining virtual networking groups has made all the difference in my own business.

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