In feng shui, the front door symbolizes the mouth of Chi. A house or building receives energy through the front door. Therefore, when you feng shui your front door, it attracts both positive and negative energy.

The quality of the energy that enters your home or business can be changed. For instance, the way you take care of your front entrance both inside and out makes a difference. Another consideration is the compass direction and location of your front door. This also influences your finances.

Therefore, when looking for a new home, enhance your career prospects by finding a house with a front door that faces your best compass direction. You can find your best compass direction in my Feng Shui video workshop, “Opening the Door to Success“.

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What You Need to Feng Shui Your Front Door

  1. A table or chair to place your keys or bags when entering.
  2. Coat hooks, a cabinet, or a closet for your coats and shoes to keep clutter from blocking the entrance.
  3. A mirror on a side wall to “double” the space and make it feel open.
  4. A lamp or chandelier to provide bright light that creates a welcoming atmosphere inside.
  5. An area rug for comfort under foot and a way to bring in color.
  6. Beautiful artwork, such as a landscape painting that draws you in, and
  7. A wind-chime or bells that sound when you open the door to stimulate the Chi.

Match your décor to the architectural style of your home. This ensures that everything works together to add harmony to your space. Choose furniture pieces and artwork that go with your personal decorating style. In addition, keep in mind the architecture of your home so both have elements in common.

feng shui your front door gold mirror diva by design mcallen interior designer

In Feng Shui, your décor style doesn’t matter as much as the colors, shapes, and textures of each piece. The colors you choose for the walls should correspond to the life aspiration area of your foyer and front door. The materials, shapes and subject of your artwork and accessories can also be matched to the aspiration area.

The entrway shown here is an East facing front door. The feng shui element in the East is Wood. Green and brown are the best colors for your door that faces East. The energy coming from this direction corresponds to the Family and Health area. Water feeds Wood so you can also choose a blue or black paint color for your front door.

feng shui your front door entryway decor ideas diva by design harlingen texas

East Facing Feng Shui Entryway

Family & Health (E) and Wealth & Prosperity (SE) – Wood – vertical column shape

  • Tall narrow storage bench made of wood with hooks for coats and shelves for storing shoes.
  • A mirror with a wood frame.
  • Wood chandelier or table lamp.
  • A green or chocolate brown area rug.
  • Artwork with a landscape full of trees or leaves that symbolize growth and renewal.
  • Small accessories in green to balance all of the wood elements.
  • Add a small water fountain to feed the Wood energy. Make sure that the water flows towards the interior of your home.
  • Paint the walls in green or dark brown.
feng shui your front door entryway decorating tips

In Feng Shui, your home directly correlates with your success in life. Where your house sits on your property and the direction of your front door affects the energy you attract. The colors you use and objects you bring into your home should be in alignment with your personal energy. If not, you can experience negative effects.

In conclusion, feng shui helps you make small but significant changes that directly affect your situation in life and business. You can also use the ideas in this post in your place of business to draw in positive Chi. I recommend making changes starting with the outside and working your way in. You will feel lighter and more positive with each change you make.

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