Are you ready to find a place to hang your mirror for good feng shui in your home or business? This is the second half of my post Where to Use Mirrors for Good Feng Shui – Part 1. In the first part, we talked about the symbolism as well as the types of mirrors used for good feng shui in your home or office. Here, we discuss the best and worst places to use them. (This blog post contains affiliate links.)

Where to Use Mirrors for Good Feng Shui

Your entryway is the perfect place for a mirror whether for feng shui or interior design. Placing a mirror here will activate the Water element as well as give you a last second check before you walk out the door. Hang your mirror on the wall perpendicular to the door on the right-hand side as you look into your home from the front door. This will help move the Chi further into your home and symbolically attract new opportunities.

If you have a narrow staircase in your home, it can have a diminishing effect on your prosperity and abundance. You can fix this by visually widening your staircase by placing a full-length mirror on the landing, facing into the upstairs area. This also attracts good fortune and assists the Chi in flowing up the staircase.

Mirrors placed in a long hallway help to slow down the Chi as it moves through your home. Place the mirrors on opposite walls so they don’t reflect each other. When a mirror reflects another mirror, it makes the Chi bounce back and forth between the mirrors and it never moves into the rest of your home.

If your hallway is dark, place a mirror at the end of the hallway to reflect light and positive chi into the space. Don’t let the mirror doesn’t reflect the front door (bounces energy back outside) or kitchen (the mirror represents water which clashes with the fire energy there).

Living rooms, dining rooms, and family areas are great places to hang mirrors because this is where you host guests.  Mirrors double what they reflect and add positive Chi to a party atmosphere.

Missing Bagua Areas

You can strengthen any weak or missing areas of the bagua map in your home or office by placing a mirror in that area. Hang it facing into your space with the back facing toward the missing or weak area. This helps to visually expand and strengthen the missing or weak life aspiration area.

Correct Command Position

There are three places you should always sit in the Command Position – Sleeping in your bed, sitting at your desk, and cooking at your stove. If you can’t see the door when doing any of these activities, you are out of “command position”.  Place a small round mirror so that you can see the main entrance door of the room behind you in the reflection.

This makes you feel more secure while working at your desk, sleeping in your bed, or cooking meals for your family. You can read more about the Command Position on my blog post,

Invite Friendships

If you want to have more close friendships, place a large mirror that reflects your dining table. The dining room is a social place and this symbolizes a doubling of your circle of support and love.

Double Your Wealth

Place a mirror so you can see the reflection of the burners on your stove. The kitchen itself is important in feng shui. It represents the Fire element and wealth and prosperity for your family. Reflecting your stove top in a mirror symbolically doubles the food you are preparing This also doubles the wealth and prosperity energy you draw.

Focus While Working or Meditating

A small round mirror can help you focus when it’s placed on the ceiling above where you sit at your desk. You can do the same thing above your meditation area where you sit to practice each day. Remember before beginning to work or meditate to set your intention so the mirror will help you focus your personal Chi.

Where Not to Use Mirrors for Good Feng Shui

Avoid hanging any mirrors that are cloudy, antiqued, broken or have disconnected pieces. When you have mirrors like this, over time you may begin to feel distorted or prematurely aged. Instead, you want a mirror with a single piece of glass. This creates a sense of completeness whenever you see your reflection in it.

Make sure to avoid sharp shapes or a mirror that is placed so that it cuts off the top of your head in the reflection. This may cause you to feel “broken up” into pieces over time. Not every mirror in your home is a feng shui adjustment. Mirrors are yang (active) items and keep a room energized and “awake”. Limit them in a bedroom to no more than one. Don’t place the mirror in your bedroom so that it reflects the bed as this will disturb your sleep.

Hang it on the same wall that your headboard is touching. If your bedroom has mirrored closet doors that reflect the bed, you can hang curtains like you would over a window. Open the curtains during the day and close them at night. The best placement for a mirror in your bedroom is on the inside of your closet door.

Never hang a mirror directly across from your front door. The main entrance to your home or business is called the “mouth of Chi” because this is where energy enters. A mirror will literally bounce the good energy right back out the door. This causes financial and work-related problems.

When you use mirrors correctly in feng shui, you expand your opportunities, double the positive energy, and draw wealth into your home or office. If you are experiencing any financial trouble or can’t find a job, look around your house to see if you have a mirror in the wrong place. Move it so that you can start to attract positivity and prosperity into your home.

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