I started studying feng shui around fifteen years ago and one of the most common questions I am asked is where to hang mirrors for good feng shui. (This blog post contains affiliate links.)

Feng shui is a useful tool when decorating your home. In feng shui, everything is energy. Because of this, the objects in your home affect the type of energy you attract. In feng shui, mirrors are used to move, reflect, or deflect energy both inside and out.

When choosing where to place your mirror, make sure that you’re reflecting what you want to attract in your life. Feng shui guidelines can help make your decision easier. First, lets talk about what mirrors symbolize, or represent, in feng shui. That way you can decide your intention for the mirror.

Mirrors invite energy into a space. Placing a mirror to reflect a beautiful view of nature amplifies and activates healthy Chi energy inside your space. Mirrors also bring more light in and make your room feel and look larger and more spacious.

mirror available from Diva by Design mcallen interior designer

Mirror available through Diva by Design

Feng Shui Mirrors Symbolism

Mirrors are often described as the “aspirin” of feng shui ” because they are used to shift and improve the Chi of your space. There is some debate about which element they symbolize in feng shui.  Some feel that mirrors are symbolic of water because they reflect. 

The water element encourages wisdom and introspection. Water is cooling and formless. It takes the shape of whatever container it’s in. Mirrors are used to reflect without judgment. A mirror can expand your view as well as focus energy.

Some say that mirrors are an earth element because they are made of sand. Others say that mirrors symbolize Metal. When feng shui began over three thousand years ago, mirrors were made of polished metals like bronze and copper.  Today, mirrors are made from glass backed with a metal lining.

Personally, I am drawn to the idea that mirrors symbolize water and therefore wealth. You choose which element mirrors represent to you and set your intention that way.

Types of Mirrors for Good Feng Shui 

Bagua Mirror

This is a special mirror with an octagon-shaped border. It looks like the Bagua above with the trigrams and the center is a round mirror. This mirror is only to be used for feng shui protection adjustments outside of your home. The Bagua mirror is typically hung over your front door and faces away from the building itself.

Only use this mirror under the supervision of a feng shui consultant. If you use it incorrectly, this type of mirror can push the energy you want to invite into your home away. Do not use this type of mirror inside your home or business.

The Bagua mirror has what are called Yin House symbols on it. These symbols help in selecting burial plots for the deceased.  Because of this connotation, they can attract negative energy to an environment.

Flat Mirrors

This is any regular shape such as a round, oval, rectangle, or square. Your mirror can be framed or frameless with a polished edge. Octagon-shaped mirrors (not Bagua mirrors) are useful if you have any weak or missing life aspiration areas of the bagua.

Convex Mirrors

convex mirrors for good feng shui brownsville interior decorator diva by design
Image from Uttermost
Available through Diva by Design

Convex mirrors are shaped like the outside of a bowl. A convex mirror provides a wider view so you can see more around you. They also have protective qualities and serve as a watchful eye. They are also used for extreme cases of negative energy if your home faces a prison, cemetery, or hospital.

Concave Mirrors

concave mirrors for good feng shui diva by design harlingen texas
Concave Mirror from Perigold

A concave mirror is shaped like the inside of a bowl. These are used when you have negative energy, or sha chi, outside that needs to be neutralized. It absorbs and deflects sharp energy by taking the reflected image, making it smaller, and then flipping it upside-down.

I broke up this post into two parts because there is so much information about using mirrors for good feng shui. The second half is about where to hang you mirrors and where not to hang them. You’ll find it here on August 10: Where to Use Mirrors for Good Feng Shui – Part 2.

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mirrors for good feng shui diva by design brownsville interior designer

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