Not everyone has worked with an interior designer or decorator. If you have, it’s important to know that every designer has their own process that they follow to execute your design project. This means that not everyone works the same way and changing designers means changing the way things are done.

Here at Diva by Design, our design process has three phases that we follow for each project from beginning to end. Each phase is broken down into five action steps that make for a smooth and well-thought out project. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work with a designer, read on to gain insight into how a project works from beginning to end.

Our Interior Design Process Phase 1

Research, Design, & Presentation

Step 1 – First is our Discovery Call where we discuss the type of project in which you want to invest.  After this call, and scheduling of your Design Work Session, you will receive an email with our Interior Design Questionnaire.  This is so that we can learn about your needs, style likes and dislikes, and what makes you comfortable in your home. This step is free.

Step 2 – Design Work Session – After we agree on a day and time to meet, payment for the consultation is made to guarantee your place on our calendar. Next, we meet in your home or office to further develop a vision for your space. This can include estimating a budget and developing a flexible timeline for completion based on the information we receive. The more information you provide, the more accurate the budget and timeline will be.

Step 3 – After our initial meeting, we will draw up a Design Service Contract which outlines the project and design fees.  Upon signing of the contract, the first retainer payment is due. Installation fees are not part of this contract.  You will also receive a conceptual mood board that includes imagery to give a general feel of the space as requested. This is not a final design concept.

Step 4 – Once the design style direction is approved, this phase is where we create the detailed design concept drawings, including elevations and 3D renderings. Custom furniture designs (if any), built-ins, layouts, color, fabric, and furniture selections. We may email more questions during this time to make sure that we have included everything you requested.

 Step 5 – We then schedule your in-person presentation of design concepts, materials, and specifications.  A budget proposal based on the given selections will also be presented for approval. The remainder of the retainer will be due in this phase. Any requested revisions or alterations to the scope of the project will be done and presented at a second in-person meeting where…

Our Interior Design Process Phase 2


Step 1 – We will schedule a Trade Day to help you choose your contractor and any fees will be paid directly to the trade by you. 

Step 2 – We will finalize all selections and upon approval of the master design plan, we will begin painting, fabrication, and order or purchase items agreed upon.  The Procurement Contract and all invoices for items to be purchased must be signed and paid in full in advance.

Step 3 – We will keep you updated of all progress through email and scheduled in-person meetings. We supervise delivery of materials and consult on installation by the trades.  This is the phase that takes the most time.

Step 4 – Any custom furniture items, window treatments, and/or accessories will be received and inspected for damage by Diva by Design at our offices. These items will be held in storage until it is time to install. Storage fees may apply depending on the size of the project.

Step 5 – Large items may be delivered to a receiving company.  All associated charges will be included in the purchase price of each item.  We coordinate the delivery to your home with the vendor and you.  We will inspect each item before signing.  Small items will be delivered to us and inspected at time of delivery.  Once all items ordered have been received, we will contact you to schedule the final installation date(s). 

Our Interior Design Process Phase Three


Step 1 – Install day – Your home should be clean and ready for installation. You will want to schedule to be away or in another area of the home while we work so that all goes quickly. Window treatments may be installed before the rest of the furniture arrives. Diva by Design takes all waste with us to be recycled.

Step 2 – Reveal – depending on the scope of the project, installation may take longer than a day or two. Payment for install is due at the time of completion. If there is an amount left from the required retainer, that will be applied to the install charges.

Step 3 – Deficiencies – At the time of install completion, we will schedule a time for a deficiencies walk-through. This is for any issues that arise after we leave and we will make a list at this meeting for corrective measures to be taken.

Step 4 – Corrections – any issues that were discussed at the deficiencies meeting will be scheduled with trades to be corrected and any custom items will be taken to the workroom for reworking. After any issues have been corrected, we will ask you to sign a form of completion and any resolve any fees or refunds that may have resulted from the corrective action.

Step 5 – Photography – once all corrections have been made, we will schedule a day for photography. Since our business results in a visual experience, photographs are an important step in documenting each design project. Any photos taken will be used for our work portfolio and some may be used in our marketing or even published in print. We consider our clients’ privacy to be important and we will not publish your name or address without your permission.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into each phase of a full interior design project. Each step has many more steps than what is listed and this is an overview to give you an idea of the process. Not all design projects are the same and some clients choose to do the purchasing and install phase themselves as they have time. This is always an option and can be discussed at the design presentation or the Design Work Session.

Many people want a beautifully furnished home, but don’t have time to figure out every small detail. Christina Rodriguez of Diva by Design guides you through the process of creating a perfectly planned, personalized, and pulled together space. This way you can relax stress-free in your fully finished home or office. Let us take care of the details so you don’t have to. click here to contact Diva by Design today.

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