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Are you looking for ways to create more happiness in your life? Are you looking for ways to transform the mood of your bedroom to get better sleep? Or maybe you want to optimize the flow of Chi in your home to rid it of stagnant energy? These ten simple tips will help you improve your bedroom Feng Shui, so you will sleep better, feel refreshed, and improve your overall attitude towards life.

If you’re new to feng shui and want to know more read my blog post “What is Feng Shui?”

Contemporary Feng Shui got its start in Western society in the 1970s. It’s based on the psychology of how to achieve your life goals by focusing on different life aspiration areas. You can read about these areas in my post “The Five Feng Shui Elements”.

Western feng shui is mixed with the classical feng shui principles which include Chi (energy) flow and the manifestations of yin and yang (balance). It also pairs well with the Laws of Attraction and a wealth or abundance mindset.

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Tips to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Feng Shui has been around for over 5000 years and is still useful today. With our modern lifestyle keeping us busier and providing more distractions, using feng shui to help you create balance in your home has never been more important. To ensure the energy in your bedroom is as balanced as possible, use these Feng Shui bedroom tips:

Position your bed as the focal point and not directly in line with your bedroom door.  

This is the Command Position where you can see the door without being directly in line with the energy coming in thought the door. This reduces stress, improves your success in the world, and it’s the best position to receive positive energy.

Keep electronic devices in another room.

Electronics use and create their own energy. It’s said that they “steal” or interfere with your personal energy and prevent you from getting a god night’s sleep. If you use the alarm on your cell phone, make sure to place it at least two to three feet away from your head to prevent this. Electronic devices in the bedroom are a distraction and can disrupt your relationship with your significant other.

Have bedside tables on either side of the bed. 

This invites the energy of romance and relationship into your bedroom. Two symbolizes both partners. A single bedside table symbolizes a single partner. So, if you’re looking to share your life with someone, make room for them in your life by adding a second table.

Use natural fabrics and eco-friendly materials for bedding, upholstery, drapes, etc.

In feng shui, synthetic materials add negative energy to the environment. Natural fibers and materials such as cotton, wool, silk, and bamboo increase the positive Chi that you want in your space. Plus, these materials allow for an exchange of heat and air around you which is more comfortable when sleeping.

Use candles and low wattage bulbs. 

Natural candles like beeswax or soy bring a soft, warm glow and the element of Fire into your bedroom. Fire = passion, plus don’t we all look better in candlelight? Low wattage bulbs can give a similar effect as candlelight.

Choose soothing, muted colors. 

Color significantly affects your mood. Some colors have a more relaxing effect than others and so will enhance the quality of your sleep. Muted blues, greens, and yellows are the best colors for bedrooms in feng shui.

Keep all drawers and doors closed when not in use. 

Leaving your bedroom door open while you sleep lets the positive Chi flow out and opens you up to negative energy. Keeping the door shut brings a feeling of safety and security which is calming and gives you peace of mind.

Avoid mirrors that reflect the bed. 

Mirrors bounce energy around the room. This can cause restlessness and make your worries feel even larger. If you have a mirror facing the bed, it depletes your personal energy. The purpose of sleep is to rest and repair your body.

Invest in a solid headboard. 

This goes back to the Command Position. A solid headboard is like having a safe, strong mountain at your back while sleeping. Another way to bring a that feeling of safety and security.

Only keep books you’re currently reading in your bedroom. 

In feng shui, books are not inanimate objects. They embody the energy that it took to write and create them. This means that books are “yang” or active objects similar to electronic devices. You want the energy in your bedroom to be calm and serene.

Try out these tips in your bedroom. You will feel lighter and your outlook on life will be more positive when you take action to improve the space around you. If you leave things as they are, you may find that your health is negatively affected, and you will feel stuck.

If you want to make positive changes in your home, and need a little help or some expert advice, call Diva by Design today to see how we can work together to achieve a home that boosts your confidence, calms your stress, and enhances your sense of well-being.

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tips to feng shui your bedroom diva by design

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