Feng shui can help you expand your career, find opportunities for promotion, and attract mentors to help you along the way. By focusing your intention on what you want out of your career, you will also find ways to improve yourself, travel, and acquire the knowledge that you need for your work.

Remember though, that you are not your job. If you don’t like what you do, boosting your Career Prospects area might cause you to change jobs. You might find that combining your passion with your career will allow your heart to expand and find alignment internally. Following your dream requires strength, courage, and persistence.

The career prospects area marks the beginning of a project or the start of your journey. Before you get started you need to check the North corners of every room in your home to see what you have there. Take out anything that isn’t related to your success in business or work.

Then…clear the clutter! Whatever you keep in this area needs to support forward momentum in your career goals. Check the North area of each room in your home on a regular basis to make sure that clutter doesn’t build up here.

Here’s what you need to get rid of:

  • Old work files
  • Brochures from companies you worked at in the past
  • Pictures of fellow employees at past jobs
  • Old reference books or course material that you once studied
  • Any junk that doesn’t belong
  • Anything that is negative career-wise

All of these things will hold you in the past. You want to be moving forward with your career goals instead of thinking about what happened before. Once you start making changes, give it some time to work. The energy needs a chance to come in before it will start working.

Career Prospects

The best room to focus on this life aspiration area is your home office or your entryway. But since the living room is not a particularly important room in feng shui, you can also focus on the Career energy here if it is situated in the North of your home. If you want enhance this energy in a living room that isn’t in the North, you can place feng shui cures in the North area of your living room.

Right now we will talk about a living room that is in the North when you place the bagua over the floor plan of your home. This space can be used to help you achieve your dreams and ambitions in business or in your job. Any symbols placed in the living room will attract the luck you want for your career.

The career prospects life aspiration area is found on the Bagua in the North. The element associated with your career is Water and the colors you will use the most are blue and black. The best color to use is black because it represents the deep ocean.

For your Career focused living room, choose furniture that does double duty to store anything that you need to have in the room but don’t want lying around. You want your living room to be a practical and beautiful living space for everyone who lives there.

Your living room should be filled with air and light. This is because a dark room can feel depressing. Bring in more light to a dim living room with mirrors. You can also layer the lighting. Start with a ceiling light fixture and recessed lights for overall light.

Next, add floor and table lamps for task lighting. Then you can place small accent lights to fill in the shadows or highlight your beautiful art. Open your windows every so often on good weather days to bring in fresh air and clear out old, stale air. This is especially good to do when anyone in your house has been sick.

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