Every room in your home has a different purpose and so you need the right task lighting for each space. Here is a list of four activities and which lighting choices are appropriate for each:

TV Watching

Images from Lightovation in Dallas January 2020

When watching TV, you may want there to be a little light in the room in case you need to move around but you don’t want it to cause shadows or glare on the screen. When the TV is off, you can choose a light source that works for overall room lighting such as pendants or a chandelier.

When the TV is on, however, dimmable lighting fixtures are a smart choice. Sconces, track lighting, and cove lights are a few choices for allowing safe traffic flow in and out of the room without distracting from your latest binge-worthy show.


Images from Lightovation in Dallas January 2020

Conversation in a dark, shadowy space can be awkward. Try adding recessed lights, pendants, or a chadelier to add light. These will cut down on shadows and allow everyone to feel comfortable and be seen.

Seeing Details

Images from Lightovation in Dallas January 2020

Reading a good book is much better when you can easily see it. Some like to read from an electronic device, but there are those of us who still prefer an actual book made from actual paper. That awesome “book smell”, anyone?

A table lamp with a high wattage bulb will help you see clearly. When working at your desk a flexible or swing-arm lamp is perfect. In the kitchen, you can add under-cabinet rope or tape lighting. This gives you more choices and can prevent accidents while chopping vegetables.


Images from Lightovation in Dallas January 2020

In the bathroom, strip lighting over the vanity mirror will cast shadows. Why not try wall sconces on either side of the mirror instead? This casts a more flattering light and makes you feel better about your efforts. In a shared bathroom, you can add adjustable height sconces for a personalized touch.

Whatever your task, choosing the right lighting will make everything you do in your home easier and safer. When in doubt, the more lighting choices, the better. You can always turn them off.

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