Let’s face it…none of us are getting any younger. As we age, our eyes weaken and after age 40 most of us will begin to notice a difference. Combining task, accent, and overall lighting will give you choices and help ease the strain on your eyes.

Did you know that by age 60, your eyes will need three times more light than they did at age 20? To fix this, you need to add more light sources. That one, lonely overhead light isn’t going to be enough especially in areas where you work or read. Balance is important.

As we age, our eye lenses begin to yellow. Because of this, colors seem more dull, contrast is reduced, and it becomes more difficult to see a difference between blues and greens. Why? Yellow + blue = green. Choose light bulbs in the 3000 – 4000 degrees Kelvin range. The cooler color temperature will help differentiate the blue from the green.

Eyes that have seen it all, so to speak, are also more sensitive to glare. This can be painful and using light fixtures with fabric shades, dimmers, or even etched glass shades will diffuse the light. Another idea is to move the lights out of your line of sight by using under cabinet lighting. You can also use fixtures that aim the light up. Another way to easily adjust light levels and reduce glare during the day, is with remote-controlled shades.

If you have stairs at home, these can be a hazard at any age. Use step lights or strip lights like they do in the movie theater to light up your walkway at night. Install light switches at both the top and bottom of the staircase for ease of use. You can also use motion-sensing lights so they automatically turn on when you walk up and down.

Many people want a beautifully furnished home, but don’t have time to figure out every small detail. Christina Rodriguez of Diva by Design guides you through the process of creating a perfectly planned, personalized, and pulled together space. This way you can relax stress-free in your fully finished home or office. Let us take care of the details so you don’t have to.

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