When looking for a new home it’s nice to find one with a good feng shui living room and more. Or, maybe you’re going to be building soon and want to make sure that your home is built following feng shui principles to give it good luck from the beginning. I have a few tips that may help when you are looking for or designing your new living room.

Feng Shui focuses on positive energy and how to create a space that allows it to flow smoothly and easily throughout your home. The more positive energy that flows through your living spaces, the better you feel and the more time you will spend there.

Because it’s a social room, good living room feng shui is needed to attract the appropriate energy to ensure the wealth, health, and happiness of your family. This post focuses on the living room space. If you would like more feng shui tips for your living room you can read my post Feng Shui Living Room Do’s and Don’ts. Here are some things you might look for in your new living room:

Good Living Room Feng Shui Location

living room with two exterior walls  good feng shui
San Benito living room by Diva by Design

For good living room feng shui, it should be located in a part of your house that has at least two outside walls. Being a corner room, it allows Chi to enter the room from outside without being slowed down. Also, the energy won’t grow stagnant from moving through many rooms before it reaches the living room. Chi energy needs to be fresh and energetic enough to activate the living room elements.

Good Living Room Feng Shui Size

Your living room needs to be large enough for your entire family and your guests to sit comfortably. Because its purpose is for you to relax and entertain guests, it’s important for your living room to have a welcoming atmosphere. A large room size encourages Chi to flow in and around the room easily.

Your furniture placement will direct the energy flow and how it enters and moves around your living room. Crowding your furniture together in the space will make it feel oppressive and claustrophobic. No one will want to spend time there. When you do the crowded atmosphere causes a feeling of frustration and fights may erupt between family members.

Good Living Room Feng Shui Shape

good feng shui living room shape
Living room by Diva by Design

In feng shui, the best shape for your living room is a square or a rectangle. These shapes are the easiest to figure out furniture placement. In feng shui, an irregular shape will attract more people to you who will bring complications and excess drama into your social circle. I always say that the only drama should be in the design of your home.

Good Feng Shui Living Room Lighting

good living room feng shui lighting
Harlingen living room by Diva by Design

Living rooms with high ceilings feel open and uplifting. A high ceiling provides more light along with a symbolic room for growth. Your living room needs to have at least one window and the light coming into the room should be brighter than the light in your bedroom.

The yang (active) energy of your living room keeps you awake and active. The brightness affects your mood and energy level by lifting your spirits. A dimly lit living room will drain any energy you have to go to work and causes you to have more conflicts in your life because you feel bad more often than you feel good.

These suggestions will help you in finding or designing the right living room for you and your family. Have you ever walked into a home and felt your spirits lift? This is usually a good indicator that the home has good feng shui. When your living room incorporates all of these tips, you will ensure that you and your family feel positive, happy, and secure in your new home.

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