Your front door is the first impression that visitors get of your home. A well-lit, spacious, and clutter-free area sets the tone for the whole house. This is why I suggest you start at your front door when designing it for success.

If energy, or Chi, is blocked or restricted from entering your home, you and your family might be more susceptible to illness or physical ailments. Also, clutter is a physical manifestation of depression. Let’s change that!

Clear the Clutter

Make sure that your front door and the porch or area around it is always well-maintained and clean. If the door needs to be sanded and painted or stained, do it. Don’t put it off. When it comes to choosing a color for your front door, it should reflect the compass direction that your door faces.

Next, look at your house numbers, and ensure that they can be seen both during the day and night. You want visitors and Chi to be able to find you easily.

Fix Anything That’s Broken

Your doorbell needs to be in working order. It is also symbolic of a harmonious relationship between you and your visitors. If it doesn’t work, you are silently saying that others (and Chi) are not welcome.

If you have plants or planters near your front entrance, keep them trimmed, watered, and clear of the door itself. Anything that blocks the door also restricts the Chi from entering. Replace your welcome mat every so often. Nothing says “welcome” like a clean, brightly lit, open entrance to your home or business.

Your View Matters

The front door itself isn’t the only part that matters when encouraging wealth and positive energy to enter your home or business. What you see when you open the door can make a difference to your mindset as well. If your front door opens to a view of a wall, that can make you feel overwhelmed and that you are always struggling. That wall is a physical barrier that is stopping you. Hang a beautiful landscape picture there to open up the area and draw you in.

If your front door opens up to a view of your back door or a window, this funnels the Chi directly back outside. Place a small potted plant on the windowsill to cause the Chi to slow down and linger. OR in the case of a back door, use a colored-glass insert in the door itself to reflect Chi back inside and allow it to circulate.

If your front door opens onto a view of the stairs, there is no barrier to the Chi running straight up and rushing through the house too quickly. You can slow down the energy coming in by blocking the view of the stairs with a plant, a bookcase, or a piece of furniture.

You can also place a round area rug in your foyer. The round shape slows the Chi and allows it to circulate and linger before moving into the rest of the building. A round crystal chandelier will have the same effect. Another good idea is to place a wind chime or bells that will sound as you open the front door. The sound of the chimes will slow down the Chi

You don’t need a lot of things around your front door or even inside your entryway. Keeping this area clear of clutter will make for a light, bright, and positive atmosphere that will give your visitors a good first impression of your home. They will feel welcome to enter and so will the Chi.

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