Have you ever heard mention that you can feng shui your desk? Many people use Feng Shui when they feel uncomfortable in their environment. By arranging the objects in your surrounding environment, you can affect the flow of energy, or Chi. Your office is a good place to start. In fact, it’s where you make money, so the more positive the energy flow, the better!

To find out more about how to place your office furniture, read my post on the Command Position here. Today is all about your desk itself. Therefore, once you have placed your desk in the Command Position, you can also consult the Bagua map to figure out where to place what you need to feng shui your desk.

Before you do that…get rid of the clutter!

clear the clutter from your desk for prosperity

Clutter is anything that is unfinished, unresolved, or disorganized. Also, it’s the many wires and cords from your office equipment. So hide those or find a way to disguise them. You can easily find little clips that hold wires and stick to the underside of your desk online. Try The Container Store website.

Clearing the clutter off of your desk provides space for energy to flow and organizing the things on the surface can boost your productivity. Furthermore, at least 50% of your desk should always be clear because clutter also blocks creativity.

I had to clear my own desk before writing this post. It just feels better. If your desk is covered in stuff it is an indicator of procrastination and mental confusion.

Now, picture your desk as a nine-part grid like in the Bagua, or the main image for this post.  DO NOT place things in all nine sections or you have created more clutter! Focus on two or three areas that make the most sense in your life and business right now.

Feng Shui Your Desk for Wealth and Prosperity

feng shui your desk wealth life aspiration area
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This life aspiration area is on top left corner of your desk as you are sitting in our chair facing it. This is the money section. To attract more abundance place one of these items here:

  • a live plant
  • something valuable
  • a jar or bowl of change
  • your working computer

Build Your Fame and Reputation

feng shui your desk fame and recognition life aspiration area
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This area is the center back of your desk. For more name recognition and word of mouth for your business, place one of these:

  • business cards
  • a lamp
  • your name plate
  • images that highlight your recent accomplishments

Attract Love and Relationships

feng shui your desk love and relationships life aspiration area
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You’ll find this area in right hand back corner of your desk. To focus on your love life place:

  • a vase with two fresh flowers, or
  • a photo of you and your significant other

Feng Shui Your Desk to Support Your Family

feng shui your desk family life aspiration area
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This is the left center of your desk. I know it’s a cliché, but:

  • a happy photo of you and your family, or
  • a pretty box with your small desk supplies

Focus on Your Health

feng shui your desk health life aspiration area

You’ll find the Health area in the center of your desk.

  • Keep it free of clutter!
  • take short breaks to clear your mind and help you focus

Feng Shui Your Desk to Boost Creativity

feng shui your desk creativity life aspiration area
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This is the right center of your desk.

  • metal objects
  • pens, markers, scissors
  • whatever inspires your creativity

Focus on Knowledge and Wisdom

feng shui your desk knowledge life aspiration area

The front left corner of your desk. If you are studying new concepts then place a reference book here.

Amplify Your Career Prospects

feng shui your desk career prospects life aspiration area
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The center front of your desk where you sit to do your work.

  • Keep this area free of clutter!
  • Display affirmations or inspirational quotes here
  • Your computer

Draw in Helpful People

feng shui your desk helpful people life aspiration area
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The right front section of your desk.

  • Place your phone here
  • an address book
  • travel guide
  • picture of a dream getaway

Remember, this isn’t magic. It’s a way to inspire you and remind you of what you value or an area in your business that needs improvement. You have to do things with intention and put into action. Keeping your desk clear except for what you need daily will help you keep your mind focused on what you need to do each day.

Finally, your productivity will increase and that translates to more money! Or, you can keep it messy and wonder why you can’t seem to get anything done and your bank account stays empty. Now it’s time for you to feng shui your desk!

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