You can choose your paint color palettes in your home or office based on the Bagua aspiration areas. In this case, we are talking about blue or black to attract the Water energy that boosts your career. You can also use Metal colors such as white, gray, or gold because Metal feeds Water.

For example:

Paint your walls a dark navy blue or black. Your window treatments can be a combination of blue, black, white and gray in a wavy, watery pattern. The upholstery of your sofa in a silvery gray and accent chairs in a fabric that combines all of the Water and Metal colors will add interest.

Throw pillows and blankets in any or all of these colors will enhance the Career Prospects energy and keep it flowing through and around the room. Don’t make everything the same level of color. Use different shades of each color to keep things form feeling too much the same.

Your art and accessories in the North should reinforce the Career prospects energy by having a watery theme. Wavy shapes, metal, glass, and mirrored surfaces all add to the relaxing atmosphere. Your area rug is another way to bring in the colors of water underfoot.

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