Are you looking for new art to hang on your walls? Do you know what you want or are you looking for inspiration? An easy option is to look to feng shui for art inspiration. How do you do that?

You can start with the five feng shui elements. They are Water, Metal, Earth, Fire, and Wood. You can also read more about these elements in my post The Five Feng Shui Elements. Or, you can purchase my video workshop, RECEIVING SUPPORT FOR YOUR GOALS for $15. In the video, we look at your artwork to see what energy you have invited into your home.

Now that you know what element you want to focus on, here are some examples of pieces that you can use in your home for each element:

Feng Shui Art Inspiration for WATER

feng shui water art swimming carp affiliate link Diva by Design harlingen interior designer

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(as shown size: 18×24; price $197)

In feng shui, Water energy = wealth. Water is also refreshing and calming. When you want a Zen look or feel in your space, this piece will accomplish that. The blue color of the fish is what attracts Water energy. The green color represents growth and renewal. Both good symbols for attracting wealth. The white is Metal which feeds Water energy.

You can hang art that represents Water, either literally or symbolically, in your Career Prospects area in the North. This can be in any room in the house. You can be more specific and hang your art in the North of your home office or living room. I may be thinking about where I can hang this one in my own house!

Feng Shui Art Inspiration for METAL

Diva by Design Affiliate Link:
(as shown size: 18×24; price: $197)

Metal energy = clarity and focus. Metal It can seem hard or impersonal, but Metal cuts through the noise and helps you zero in on what you want out of life. The circular shapes in this piece can help attract the mentor or mentors you need. This energy is also to help you find focus when working on projects.

The white, gold, silver, and gray colors are all Metal. Hang this piece in the Northwest Mentors & Networking area or the West Children & Projects area of your home office or entryway. This piece works great when a modern or contemporary feel is what you want in your space.

Feng Shui Art Inspiration for EARTH

feng shui earth element art garce in the winds affiliate link Diva by Design Mcallen interior designer
Diva by Design Affiliate Link:
(as shown – size: 18×24; price: $197)

Earth is my personal feng shui element. Earth energy = stability & security. This is probably one of the reasons that people tell me that my presence calms them. I am a Gemini so that’s only half of who I am. The other half is the Diva ?.

Anyway, for a calm, grounded look and feel in your living room, bedroom, or study hang this piece. I love the colors and the abstract representation of the earth in this one. The Earth element corresponds to both the Marriage & Romantic Happiness are in the Southwest and the Education & Knowledge are in the Northeast.

Feng Shui Art Inspiration for FIRE

feng shui fire element art yupo study five affiliate link Diva by Design harlingen interior designer
Diva by Design Affiliate Link:
(as shown – size: 18×24; price: $197)

In my opinion, photographs of fire don’t do it justice. They typically look a little “cheesy” or “starving artist”. In this piece, the abstract watercolor representation of flames is more interesting. Fire energy = fame. This is the element that helps you get the recognition you deserve.

The red and bright yellow colors are Fire colors. When the look and feel you want in your space is heat, passion, or drama this piece will draw that excitement. Use Fire symbols sparingly because too much will cause chaos in your space. Hang it in the recognition & Fame area in the South of your office, living room, dining room, or entry.

Feng Shui Art Inspiration for WOOD

feng shui wood element art angular organic affiliate link Diva by Design weslaco interior designer
Diva by Design Affiliate Link:
(as shown – size: 24×24; price $289)

Wood energy = growth and prosperity. The green and brown colors in this piece are the colors of the trees. If the look and feel you are going for in your space are healing and balance this piece will work perfectly.

Hang it in any room of your house in either the Family & Health area in the East or the Wealth & Prosperity area in the Southeast.

Remember, in feng shui, less is more. You do not have to fill every corner in your home with symbols to draw the energy you want. Choose one piece that represents the energy you want to attract and let it do the work.

If you would like to purchase any of the pieces in this post, click on the affiliate link in the caption. This will take you directly to the minted. page where you can customize your piece. By using these links, you will not pay more for your art and you will support Diva by Design. Thank you!

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