When building a new home, or wanting a refresh, knowing when to hire an interior designer saves time and sanity. Maybe you don’t have a scope of work in mind. Or you’re exhausting yourself with endless research and feel like you’re getting nowhere.

Maybe you simply don’t have the time to do the research and then go shopping around for everything you need. And not knowing how to start on your design or remodel project feels frustrating and confusing.

How a Designer Can Help You

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Interior Designers are experienced in finding the right mix of colors and materials that match your architecture and design style. They can do this with your chosen investment level in mind. They know if your proposed expenditure will fit the scope of changes you want to make in your home.

Your designer helps you make decisions on the size of project you want to take on and where to start. It may seem strange to hear that by hiring an interior designer you can save money. When you’re clear about your investment level, your designer will know where to find appropriate materials.

An interior designer’s guidance during demolition and construction helps avoid any major changes that will drive up costs. An interior designer help you complete the job correctly the first time. This saves money by not having to redo incorrectly done items.

Designers also save time by helping you figure out the feasibility of your vision. Then by providing feedback on potential opportunities and limitations. They provide plans, 3D-renderings, and concept boards so you see your vision come to life before tearing into walls.

When You Should Hire an Interior Designer

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The best time to hire an interior designer is before the demolition and construction phase of your renovation project. You avoid any design concept changes due to building codes or regulations. This also saves time and money.

The earlier you bring on an interior designer, the more smoothly your project will go. Some have hired a designer before they close on a new home. Hiring an interior designer early in the process helps you decide if the plans will fit your wants and needs. When you give your contractor completed plans, they can accurately quote the cost of labor and materials for your project.

Interior Designers work with both contractors and architects to streamline the process. Your designer makes sure that your contractor follows the design concept and the result is cohesive. Accounting for all the small details of your project will hinge on timely communication between your designer, architect, and contractor.

How to Find an Interior Designer

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Hiring an interior designer is the best decision you can make when remodeling or giving your home a refresh. Ask friends who have worked with a designer before to find the right person to help you. Ask them what the process was like and how the designer helped them. Finding a designer who specializes in the type of project you are undertaking will make a difference.

At Diva by Design, we work on projects from short paint consultations to longer full-service design. You can visit our design services page HERE to see the types of design services we offer our clients.

An architect or project manager helps you with the codes and regulations. Your interior designer makes sure that the design you approve follows those regulations. During demolition and construction, surprises happen and your designer will have solutions that keep the integrity of the design concept.

By not hiring an interior designer, you could see costly changes to the design concept by an overeager contractor. This adds time and money to your project. The result is completely different from the original design.

Taking the time to sit down and plan your project before you begin makes sense. Your home is your sanctuary, and you deserve to live in a place that makes you feel calm and secure. Knowing that you did everything possible to make it that way before work begins makes for a successful result.

We love creating spectacular and colorful home design solutions for our clients. From construction materials to eye-catching furniture and art, every detail matters.

We listen carefully to your wants and needs, and take into account your lifestyle, personal taste, and preferences. We craft customized designs with impeccable attention to detail, and conjure up unique spaces that truly reflect your distinct personality.

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