Have you ever considered creating sacred space in your home? As small business owners we can easily work 24/7. Many end up living, eating, breathing, sleeping, and even dreaming about it. Obviously, this results in a tendency to drive ourselves ragged and not take time to rest.

One simple way to take time for yourself is to meditate and journal. Undeniably, when you take time to sit and be quiet, you learn to cut through the noise and constant bombardment of ideas to focus on what’s important to you.

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Also, you find that during meditation or journal writing you realize what you truly want and how to use that knowledge to move ahead. For example, I joined a mastermind group coaching to work on changing my mindset and to gain clarity. Since I did this, I can feel the difference in my attitude.

Because it’s a process, I still have lots of work to do. However, I now have more confidence in myself and as a business owner. Moreover, because of the shift in my mindset, I figured out what I truly want for my business. I find that I now work on the type of projects I enjoy most.

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To begin incorporating meditation and journaling into your daily routine, find a quiet place in your home where you won’t be easily interrupted. Set it up for comfort and to be a space where you look forward to spending time each day. What you are doing is creating “sacred space.”

What is Sacred Space?

Sacred space is a place that is holy, devoted to a religious ceremony, or simply worthy of awe and respect. Naturally, a space is considered sacred because of what happens in it. God is invited in through prayer, songs and other rituals. By creating sacred space you have somewhere for you to intentionally connect with the divine.

It doesn’t have to be based on religion. Instead, your sacred space can be as simple as a comfortable chair near a window with a view of nature where you sit to be still.

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The Purpose of Creating Sacred Space

First, this space is a daily reminder to connect with yourself and, if you choose, God. Creating a sacred space in your home helps you pause, unplug, and reflect on what really matters to you. It gives you a specific place to slow down and meditate. A place dedicated to pushing you out of the chaos of daily life and into deeper connection with God and your inner self.

What do you want to add to your life by setting this space apart in your home? What do you hope to do in this space? Is it something you can see yourself using every day? You might if you follow the steps below.

Where to Put Your Sacred Space

First, find a quiet place in your home so that makes you feel that call and commitment to keep doing the work you intend. A place that lets you relax and unwind, where you won’t be startled by someone coming in and going out. Obviously, you don’t want to feel nervous in this space.

Second, Make it a place that’s not where you pay bills or do your work. If you don’t have lots of room, it can be portable by filling a box with objects that are meaningful to you. This box can become an altar of sorts.

Third, I have another post on How to Avoid Burnout When You Work From Home. This post has more ideas that you can use in your sacred space.

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What is an Altar?

An altar is also a raised structure that serves as a resting place for meaningful objects. Also, it’s something that focuses the eye and provides a place for contemplation and, if so desired, ritual. Equally important, you can use it as a focus for intention and intuition.

This is where you listening to your inner guide to help you make decisions. It’s a personal expression of what you want to focus on and takes up a small amount of space.

quiet out of the way spot for an altar

How to Create an Altar

Keep it simple – use what you already have. Definitely make it a place where you will be reminded to use it daily. Use objects that engage all of your senses — think of things that you’ll love to touch, hear, smell, taste. Arrange it in a way that pleases your eye.

A simple altar can be a candle, a decorative box, and a vase of flowers. Add your intention and intuition and you have an altar.

What to Place on Your Altar

Other things you can place on or around your altar are:

  • pictures of loved ones
  • Meaningful objects that were given to you
  • Things you picked up in nature
  • Your vision board
  • Essential oils
  • Crystals
  • Sage. Palo santo, or incense
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Also, keep your journal here to write in after you meditate. Write your dreams or goals on a piece of paper, put it in a red envelope, and place on your altar. Focus your intention on what you have written and see the results that happen in your life.

Without a doubt, Sacred Space is not about the objects but the time you spend there. Make it an important part of your daily schedule. Take time to be still every day whether it’s for 10 seconds before you rush out the door in the morning, or for a relaxed 10 minute evening meditation.

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Always give yourself a chance to take a break from smartphone notifications and social media. As a result, you feel positive, refreshed in your spirit, and ready to face the day. What’s more, you will find that by quieting your inner voice, you gain a more positive mindset which allows you to focus on what you truly want out of your business and your life.

In conclusion, you will have confidence in knowing what drives you and where you want to end up. It will be easier for you to do the things that will get you there. Don’t let yourself stay in your old habits of getting frustrated and wondering why nothing is working. I know you can change that. I did.

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