Color has a way of affecting our senses and emotions like nothing else. This is one of the reasons that many people ask for help when choosing color for their home. Why not take the same care when you choose colors for your office? This is what we did when creating a zen office space in Harlingen, Texas.

The space where you work affects you whether at home or at an outside office space. Choosing colors that best suit your office environment will transform your business.

creating a zen office reception space in harlingen texas by diva by design
Before & After ERI – CTC Reception Office

Our client wanted to transform their Harlingen, Texas office from (in their words) “plain and dark” to be light, bright, and have more color. They asked for a Modern + Zen Beach design aesthetic. The client wanted it to go with the current gray color palette because they were not going to paint.

Another request was for the spaces to be functional and feel inviting to visitors at the same time. The building itself is long and narrow and the only windows are in the front conference room and waiting area. Thus, the offices do not receive any natural light.

We agreed on a color palette of gray, white, black, and aqua. The white, black, and gray neutrals fit the Modern requirement perfectly. To give the offices that Zen Beach feel, we added aqua which invokes the tranquility of water. In feng shui, blue attracts prosperity, soothes the mind, and relieves tension. It is the perfect color to add to heavy, deadline oriented offices such as this one.

creating a zen executive office with built-ins harlingen interior designer
Before & After ERI-CTC office

Creating a zen office space that feels inviting to guests also lifts the spirits of people working there and boosts productivity. Visitors feel comfortable there too. This makes it easier get to know them and what they need from your business in a deeper way.

I wrote about my personal experience after redecorating my business office in another post. HOW TO CHOOSE PAINT COLORS INSPIRED BY NATURE which you can read HERE.

creating a zen office space decor ideas modern zen beach theme
Before & After ERI-CTC Employee Office

Our design plan included the client’s four main concerns. Modern Zen Beach feel, better flow, more inviting to visitors, and the addition of accessories and art.

First, we started with the furniture layout of most of the offices to improve the flow of each room. Each office received these key pieces: a desk, chair, guest chair, small table, bookcase, table lamp, art and accessories. We created three different designs for the nine employee offices. Each of the four executive offices have their own look and feel based on the occupant.

For the layout, we chose to follow feng shui and use the Command Position for the desk. This means that when you are sitting at the desk, you face the door to the room. You can see the entire room without having to get up from your chair. You feel secure because no one can sneak up behind you while you are concentrating on your work. Plus, only you can see your computer screen which preserves privacy.

creating a zen office space decor ideas brownsville interior designer
Before and After ERI-CTC Employee Office

Second, visitors can easily access the guest chair. The layout of the office directs traffic to where you want it. Knowing where you want visitors to go preempts their feeling of awkwardness when they visit for the first time.

Each office has overhead fluorescent lighting and no natural light which makes them dark. Fluorescent lighting is a cool light that is hard on your eyes. Fluorescent lights and the LED lights of your computer screen flicker which causes headaches and tiredness.

To counteract this, we suggested the addition of table lamps with incandescent bulbs that provide a warm, steady light source. Employees have the option to choose between the lighting sources to change the feel of their office as they like. We noticed that employees chose to use the table lamp as soon as they moved into their newly decorated office.

creating a zen office space conference room design
Before and After ERI-CTC Conference Room

Third and fourth, we considered the Modern Zen beach feel that our client requested. We chose the furniture, art and accessories that would go into the offices based on this. The beach themed wall art and faux potted palms add to the Zen Beach feel that our client loves.

The peaceful aqua, sun-kissed bronze, and clean white colors in the art created the Zen feel our client wanted. These colors were repeated in the accessories that we placed on the bookshelves. The watery colors and tropical theme also appear in the art in every area of the office building.

The new Zen Beach style makes each office feel more soothing and inviting for our client. Plus, the table lamps add softer, warmer lighting for a more tranquil atmosphere when working. You can see more of this project on our portfolio page HERE.

diva by design commercial office design project happy client review

In conclusion, we have seen and experienced how the spaces where you work affect your mood and productivity. Because your environment affects your body, mind, and spirit, even small changes can be important. The addition of color, art, and accessories can make a profound difference in your employee productivity and bottom line. Creating a zen office space is one way to achieve that end result.

Many people want a beautifully furnished home, but don’t have time to figure out every small detail. Christina Rodriguez of Diva by Design guides you through the process of creating a personalized and pulled together space. This way you can relax stress-free in your fully finished home or office. Let us take care of the details so you don’t have to!

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