Since the Career area wealth energy is symbolized by flowing water, place a water fountain in your entry or if you don’t have room there place it in the North section of your living room. Make sure that the water flows towards the interior of your home to encourage the Chi to move into the rest of your house.

The water fountain with clear, moving water represents the flow of money. Even better, place a pool or large working fountain in your front yard. Keep it clean and operational because stagnant water = a stagnant career.

For the North area of your living room, place anything that represents the career you want. If you’re wanting a change or a new career, hang a 6-rod metal wind chime in the North Career Area of your living room.

Don’t use a lot of wood furniture or décor in this room. Keep the ceramic pieces and plants to a minimum here as well. You can have them for balance, but not too many because they will calm down or dampen the Water energy.

You also don’t want a completely blue or black living room because you need balance and harmony and all one color will feel too heavy. Make sure to include all five elements in the room, but let two or three stand out. Water and Metal should be the main elements here.

If you want a fast-track feng shui fix for your career, have these five things in the North of your living room:

  1. One healthy plant – symbolizes growth of Wood
  2. A light or a lamp – symbolizes Fire energy
  3. A water fountain – for wealth
  4. One anchor item or accessory that symbolizes your career, and
  5. Small blue and black décor items

The living area of your home should be vibrant but also relaxing. Keeping clutter to a minimum and letting in the natural light will help you feel good and open you up to allowing opportunity and friends into your life. Because your living room is the social center of your home, that is where you use your most beautiful accessories. You want to create an interesting and personality filled space to encourage conversation and to draw people in.