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You’ve bought a new home, moved in and it feels great to have a brand new space.  Yet it still feels like something is missing. Plus, you have no time to do it all by yourself.

There are no colorful throw pillows, you have empty walls and bookshelves, and no window treatments.  The only thing in the room besides a few furniture pieces is the clutter from moving in.

What if you could have someone come in, help you figure out exactly what you need to finish your space and take care of all the purchasing and installation for you?  Well… now you can!



We start with a two-hour consultation in your space. We listen to your concerns, ask about your likes and dislikes, plus help you decide on a design direction based on your preferences, then we take photos and measure for reference.

 Next, we go shopping for all the right pieces so you don’t have to. We put it all together in a digital concept board so you can see what it will look like together. You approve each piece and sign our Purchasing Agreement. Then we purchase, and receive it all then schedule a day and time to bring it all back and begin styling your space. We ask that you leave for the day, or at least while we work, so that you come back to a room that is balanced, beautiful, and finished!


Purchase our Finishing Touches Service, fill out our Design Questionnaire, send your answers back to us, and schedule your Design Work Session.

We source and find each piece discussed in our consultation and put it all together in a digital mood board sent to you for approval.

Once you approve each piece, we give you an invoice for your furnishings investment. (This must be paid in full so we can              purchase your furnishings and accessories).

You sit back and relax while we purchase, receive, deliver, and install everything for you.

Since this is a shopping & install only service, there will not be any drawings or renderings done. Room measurements and reference photos will be taken at our Design Work Session.

If you are ready to schedule your Finishing Touches Service, please click the button below. Pricing is per room and includes installation. Additional rooms may be added separately and a link for purchase will be provided by email. If you have questions, click HERE to leave an email message or call us today.

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