diy design mood board


See how it all works together before you buy it

Our DIY Design Mood Board service is perfect for when want new furniture pieces or accessories for a room that you can order online and install by yourself. This service is also great when you are staging your own home for sale. You’re not sure what will look good with pieces you already own or where to get it all.

You know you need help and thought asking an interior designer would cost too much. We know how scary it can be to order new furniture or spend money on accessories without knowing if it will work in your home. 

Harlingen interior designer Diva by Design can help you solve your design or staging dilemma. We create mood boards as a part of other design packages to help you see what each piece will look like and how it will harmonize with the rest. We know that this will help you make those difficult decisions quickly and easily.

Here are examples of mood boards we have created for our clients:


Schedule a Discovery Call to discuss your design or home staging project

Purchase, fill out the design questionnaire, & return to us with pictures of your space

We create your design and shoppable mood board

You receive your mood board by email within seven to ten business days.

Once you receive your DIY Design Mood Board you will:

  1. See the picture of each piece that you need to finish your space and feel confident that it all goes together.
  2. Enjoy the transformation of living in a home that melts stress away and supports your aspirations.
  3. Peace of mind that you have an answer that is “just right” for you.


Don’t settle for blank and boring walls.

Stop spending money on pieces that don’t work or fit in your space.

Let us take care of the details so you can relax stress-free in your fully furnished home or office.

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