You’re finally finished with your remodel, you bought all new furniture, and it feels great to have a brand new room.  For some reason, the room still feels flat. 

There are no colorful throw pillows, empty walls and bookshelves, and no window treatments.  The only thing in the room besides the furniture is the clutter building up on the tables.

What if you could have someone come in and take care of all the art and accessories for you in one day?  Well… now you can!




We start in the morning with a one-hour consult in your space. We listen to your concerns, ask about your likes and dislikes, plus decide on a design direction based on your preferences, then take photos and measure for reference.

Next, we go shopping for all the right pieces (up to 4 hours). Then we bring it all back and begin styling your space. We ask that you leave for the day, or at least while we work, so that you come back to a room that is balanced, beautiful, and finished!




To Begin

1. Schedule a Discovery Call and pay for your Accessories Shopping Service. We discuss your styling budget in this call.

2. Fill out our Interior Design Questionnaire and send photos of the room to be styled.

3. We send an invoice for your styling budget (must be paid in full so we can purchase your accessories).

4. We arrive in the morning for your scheduled day of styling to measure, take photos, and plan.

5. We go shopping (this is not a client accompanied trip).

6. We return to your home, hang any art and mirrors, and place accessories, and clean it all up! There is one hour of handyman service included for art, mirrors, and/or window treatments.

7. We invite you in to see the result!

Since this is a one day service, there will not be any drawings or renderings done. The accessories budget is extra as are custom window treatments.  Over-sized art, mirrors, and accessories are not included. We will not be moving furniture that day. it must already be placed.

If you are ready to schedule your Accessories Shopping Service, please click the button below. If you have questions, click HERE to leave an email message or call us today.

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