There are many, many rules in feng shui. My blog and workshops only scratch the surface because there is so much to learn. I have been studying and learning feng shui for about ten years now and I still have lots to learn! My goal is to help you create a beautiful, positive, welcoming, and uplifting home that connects you with nature and fills your soul on a daily basis.

To that end, here are some basic things you can do to create this type of space in your living room:

Feng Shui Living Room Do’s

  • Arrange seating areas in the shape of a Bagua
  • Focal point can be the power point which is diagonally across from the door – also the Command Position
  • A special architectural feature like the fireplace or the view out the window
  • The wealth area, relationships area, or mentors area are also good focal points for your living room
  • If the room is big enough for two focal points, let the money area be the most important
  • Place your TV in the money or career area
  • Create a feeling of easy movement within the room
  • Place your favorite chair with its back to one of your lucky compass directions
  • Place sofas and chairs with backs to the wall if possible
  • Furniture with rounded edges is best
  • Cheerful art work
  • Balance yin (softer) and yang (harder) accessories

Feng Shui Living Room Don’t’s

  • The host chair should not directly face the door
  • The main chair or sofa should not directly face the window
  • Have sharp corners from walls or furniture pointing into seating areas
  • TV should not be the main focal point of the room
  • A dark living room adds to depression
  • Don’t use negative images in art work
  • Don’t let clutter build up in the living room